Don Shearer
April 2002


    I’m a retired scientist, having spent a large portion of my career in private consulting and most recently as a sole proprietor working as a Certified Consulting Meteorologist doing contract research in air pollution. 


    After retiring I have had the time to pursue two areas of intense interest.  One is experimental development with shooting and the other is what I call precision woodworking.  The work with shooting has included testing and development of optimum loads for the Bellm Triad of T/C Contenders and development of the “Spring-Back” breech pressure method.  The woodworking has involved design and building gunstocks from highly figured woods.  The work with load development has been reported via. a series of articles published in the T/C Journal “ONE GOOD SHOT” and can also be seen on Bellm’s page.  One example of the carbine gunstock work was showcased on Wade King’s T/C Land and another is shown in the pictures here.


    I’m and avid prairie dog shooter/varminter and a big game hunter – pursuing both with the Contender.  A Bullberry custom 223, 14” and the 22 K-Hornet carbine are both favorites for prairie dogs while all three of the Bellm Boomer Triad chamberings serve for big game.  The 7mm Bellm was used to take the long-range Wyoming antelope and the 308 Bellm was the chambering of choice for the mule deer - both shown here.  Plans call for an elk with the .358 Bellm.