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Handguns and training

Self Defense Firearems Training - A friend and great trainer
        --   Greg Block - Credentials

Concealed Carry in California - a site dedicated to increasing knowledge about the right to carry concealed in California, with help in gathering the paperwork, training, etc...

Kimber - Some of the best production O Frames currently on the market
Milt Sparks VM2 - One of the best concealed carry holsters available (IMHO)


Contenders and single shots

Mike Bellm TCs and Encores - GREAT Site - number 1 place for info regarding accurate Contenders and Encores
The Bellm Store - Home of parts, tools, and barrels to for the shooter seeking the most accurate TC obtainable.

Don Bower Article

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Bower Rest

TC Diagrams and Lists

Contender® Blued Model Parts List (May 1, 1995)
Contender® Assembly Drawing
Contender® Carbine Parts List (May 1, 1995
Contender® Carbine Assembly Drawing


Tools and Info-

Don Shearer and the Shearer/Bellm Index - Don Shearer, engineer, Contender officianado and all 'round nice guy. Also includes the "Spring-back Breech Pressure Graph."

Greenhill Fomula - Calculate barrel twist rate